Welcome to the richnoddystamps Delcampe website. This site has been designed to allow easy searching for stamps of the world, with the intention of having every item I have for sale scanned and fully described, so that you can be assured that what you see is what you get.

Richnoddystamps was founded by Andrew Richardson, in 2006, mainly using Delcampe, but I had been trading on ebay for many years before. My first philatelic position was at Omniphil in Chesham as a GB and US specialist, moving on to Stanley Gibbons, in around 1980, at Romano House, in the GB specialist department, working with Bill Barrell and Andrew Lajer, where my time was spent plating penny blacks, ultimately moving onto the approvals department under Tony Kennard.

From there I moved to City of London Philatelic Auctions (CLPA), where I worked with the late Bryan Tyrell and Ian Hunter (now at Warwick and Warwick) and Phyl Wills (Argyll Etkin) where my position was as auction describer for the Private Vendor department, describing and preparing between 600 and 700 lots per month, ranging from general estate lots to specialist collections and single items. I worked there until Bryan sold his business to Andrew McGavin in around 1983.

From there I left the profession and moved into country property, becoming Managing Director of the well regarded Country House Estate Agents Jackson-Stops & Staff. I never spiritually left stamps however, and have continued to grow my stock and knowledge during those years.

I hope you enjoy browsing, but bear in mind that what you see is a fraction of my overall stock, so do check in regularly to see what’s new, or follow me on twitter and facebook, where I will be posting announceents of new items being made ready for sale. Alternatively register your email address on site and I will send bulletins from time-to–time alerting you direct.

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