1. Sign in

Sign in

"Sign in" is now called "Login".
Note: There is no need to create a new account. Use the same logon information (nickname and password) as for the old website.

Sign in on another Delcampe website

Use the same nickname and password. You don’t have to create a new account.

Switching Delcampe websites

Changing the website language

3. Managing favourites and the watching list

Adding a favourite (search, seller, category)

You can add a seller to your favourites from your store or from an item for sale.

Accessing favourites

The favourites bar at the bottom of screen has been removed. "My favourites" (star icon) enables you to see new items added to each of your favourites’ lists since your last visit. Your favourites are always available there.

Adding an item to the watching list

Your watching list has been renamed "Watched items". The items from your watching list are still available there. To add items to your watched items, click on the heart icon in a list (when you move the mouse over the image and on the button "Add to my watched items") on the page of the item for sale.

Accessing your watched items

The favourites bar no longer exists. You can access "Watched items" from the menu beside the shopping cart.

4. Buy

Bidding and buying

Bid ceiling functionality has been improved and simplified. The confirmation window provides more information.

Accessing the shopping cart

Asking the seller a question

Making a lower or grouped bid

When conditions permit, there are two separate links on the item presentation page: "Make a lower bid" and "Make a grouped bid". You can add items from your watched items for a seller in the grouped bid window.

Tracking bids

Tracking purchases

"My purchases" is now called "My purchase tracking".

Paying the seller

The "Pay my sellers" page no longer exists. You now pay directly from your purchase tracking.

5. Selling

Transferring sales to the new site

We’ve transferred all of your sales from the old website to the new one. No action is required on your part.


Viewing your store

Once connected, click on your nickname at the upper right of the page. A "Store" link in the menu opened will take you to it quickly.


Click on the button "Use this model" to use a pre-filled description.
The "subtitle" and "your lot at the top of the category" sales options no longer exist. Nor does the reserve price.
You can still use the Lister and the Delcampe API. The Easy Uploader will be back soon.

Tracking bids and managing sales in progress

Multiple changes are in a separate menu.
"Payments received" is now located under "History".

Tracking sales

"My sold items" is now called "My sales tracking"

Accessing the account record

Paying Delcampe fees

6. Contact and feedback

Contacting a member


Rate a transaction


7. My Delcampe and My account

Sorting My Delcampe lists

Changing your password

Changing your email address

Changing your postal address

Note: professional members can no longer hide their address on the item presentation pages or their profile page.

8. Delcampe Auction house & Premium

Accessing Delcampe Auction house

Delcampe Auction house is now called "Auction Houses" and is accessible from the menu "Buy".
A new "Auction Houses" icon in the lists identifies items from an Auction House catalogue.


Accessing Delcampe Premium

Delcampe Premium has been integrated in the new Delcampe website and no longer exists per se.


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