Prepare your sales lists offline with Delcampe Lister
before sending them to your store with one click.

This will help you save time and make managing your sales easier.

  • Quick advert creation.
  • Two-click advert duplication.
  • Compatible with most operating systems.
  • You can add up to 99 images in Lister.
  • Lister can be used with multiple accounts.
  • Automatic programme updates.
  • You can check adverts before sending them.
  • You can import adverts from an Excel file or other sales sites.

The new version of Lister is now available.

To install Lister V4:

  1. Download the installation file to your computer.
  2. Execute the file and follow the installation steps.
Download Lister V4

You need Java (MacOS, Linux) in order to use the Lister. Download this software for free.

Lister is compatible with the following operating systems::

Windows 7, 8 et 10

Mac OS X (From 10.7.4)    Linux



  • landing-page.lister.road_map_release.release_1.ergo.li_1
  • landing-page.lister.road_map_release.release_1.ergo.li_2
  • landing-page.lister.road_map_release.release_1.ergo.li_3
  • landing-page.lister.road_map_release.release_1.ergo.li_4
  • landing-page.lister.road_map_release.release_1.ergo.li_5
  • landing-page.lister.road_map_release.release_1.ergo.li_6


  • landing-page.lister.road_map_release.release_1.optim.li_1
  • landing-page.lister.road_map_release.release_1.optim.li_2
  • landing-page.lister.road_map_release.release_1.optim.li_3
  • landing-page.lister.road_map_release.release_1.optim.li_4


  • landing-page.lister.road_map_release.release_1.corrections.li_1
  • landing-page.lister.road_map_release.release_1.corrections.li_2
  • landing-page.lister.road_map_release.release_1.corrections.li_3
  • landing-page.lister.road_map_release.release_1.corrections.li_4
  • landing-page.lister.road_map_release.release_1.corrections.li_5

Transfer my sales from the old Lister to the new version.

If you are a Lister V3 user, follow the procedure below to transfer your sales to the new version of Lister.:

Step 1Export your sales

Export all of your Lister V3 sales in .CSV format by clicking on the « Export » button. When the window opens, select the « CSV » file format and choose an export file by clicking on the « Select » button.

Validate the export by clicking on « OK ». An information window will confirm the export to the folder selected.

Step 2Convert your file

Use the tool below to convert your V3 file to the V4 format.
Do not leave the page while the conversion is running. The conversion time will depend on the number of items in the file.

The converted file will start to download automatically.


To use the conversion tool, please login by clicking here.

Step 3Import your sales

Go to the new Lister and click on the « Import » button. When the window opens, select the « CSV »import file format and choose the file to import by clicking on the « Select » button. Select the Lister folder where you want to import the items.

Validate the import by clicking on « Import ». Your items will be imported correctly.

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