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As several of my regular customers know, I suffer from a variety of mental health issues, the severity of which comes and goes in an unpredictable manner. When I am relatively well, my performance to you will be as good as any of the dealers on here. But when I am bad, expect delays of an unpredictable length, potentially a few weeks. But I do always get there in the end, as my unblemished (as I write) feedback record shows.
So, if you are experiencing delays, my health is probably the reason. If you are, please do nag me (preferably politely), as that can sometimes trigger enough of a response to enable me to clear the backlog (though when I am particularly bad I will probably not see the email in the backlog of those!).
So please be prepared for some delay, if you are unlucky enough to hit me on a bad patch. If you are not prepared to potentially have to put up with these sorts of issues, please do not bid on my items.


I am not a professional dealer, just a collector trying to make a few pounds to help fund his own collection (my main subject is the composer Franz Schubert). Many of my cards are music based, especially pictures of composers and their works.  For UK topographical cards, I categorize places according to historical counties (see, for example,

There is not much profit in selling postcards, especially after fees from Delcampe and Skrill/Paypal have been deducted from the amount you pay. So I will charge a small extra fee (30p) when you use paypal or skrill to pay for cheap cards - if the total for your purchases is under £3. Above that I will swallow the cost. If you are in the UK, and you pay by direct transfer to my bank account, that does not cost either of us any fees.

Pictures of my postcards are scaned at full size. Scanned pictures do not necessarily accurately show the colours on the cards, and damage to cards may appear much worse, or much better than it is in reality. Sometimes card scans will add artefacts such as wavy lines, that do not appear on the cards at all. So do please read the descriptions - unlike some listers on here I do write a description for each card, though with cards with multiple issues I may not list the more minor ones.

I will usually get a proof of posting when I ship cards. I can insure the cards in transit, but only if you pay the extra insurace fee. If insurance is not paid, then cards in transit are at your risk, not mine. I am happy to wait for other of my auctions to end, to potentially save you in shipping costs.

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