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  Refund program for the advertisement published in print media.

You are selling on Delcampe ?

You want to advertise your shop ?

Then do it... for free !

From now on, you have the opportunity to advertise for your own shop for FREE in magazines, newspapers and other print media you would like, especially specialized ones.
Delcampe will refund you (according to your payments of the previous month and to the relevance of your ad) the fees simply by sending us an invoice with a copy of the whole page where the ad is published.

Don't wait, advertise your shop for FREE!!!
1. Putting an advertisement in print media
  • Especially in print media specialized in collections and hobbies.

  • The text of the ad is free but it has to mention only your shop on Delcampe and cannot show any phone number, email or mail address (no direct contact). Your shop has to be linked this way :
  • Example: Stamps, Postcards, Coins, ...
    Visit and buy on my Delcampe's shop:

    2. Sending us the invoice
  • It is important you attach a copy of the entire page where the ad is printed.

  • The two documents can be sent by email or regular mail.
  • 3. Maximum refund amount
  • If the ad is published in a specialized print media, 100% can be refund. If not, only 50% are refund. You can contact us before advertising if you have any doubt.

  • The maximum amount refund cannot exceed 30% of your payments to Delcampe during the previous month.
  • Examples ...
    Publication costs Specialized media? Total of payments to D* during the previous month Money refund
    20.00 €/$//A$ no 30.00 €/$//A$ 10.00 €/$//A$
    20.00 €/$//A$ no 60.00 €/$//A$ 10.00 €/$//A$
    20.00 €/$//A$ yes 30.00 €/$//A$ 10.00 €/$//A$
    20.00 €/$//A$ yes 60.00 €/$//A$ 20.00 €/$//A$

    • For you: new buyers will come and visit your shop.

    • For us: new members will join the community for a fair price.

      We all are winners, why hesitate ?

    Do not hesitate to contact us for further information :