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Welcome to our help and support page.


My name is Benjamin and I represent the English community here on Delcampe. In other words, if you are an English speaker, we are very likely to get in touch together. I always answer personally to each email and try to help the best way I can.

Before you contact me, please be kind to read the online help and guides. Most of the answers can already be found online.

If any question remains unanswered, do not hesitate to contact me and do not forget to mention (if applies):

  • The nickname of your seller/buyer
  • The item number
  • Technical information : your firewall, anti-virus/pop-up softwares, Operating system, Internet provider and type of computer
  • Any information that might be relevant

    If your email remains unanswered, we strongly advise you to check your spam settings or to try again from another email address.
    Benjamin from the customer service.